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Automotive Fine Art Limited Edition Series

The Artist is now producing large-scale automotive

fine art photography for events, offices, showrooms, retail,

institutions, homes and “Collector” Dream Garages.

Each piece of this, 50 only, limited-edition series

has been lovingly produced by the artist as an original then

hand signed and numbered. Each Giclees is produced

on the finest museum-quality paper that lasts a lifetime.

With over 30 automobiles in the collection, choose

and Barry will produce a signature art piece just for you.

Barry’s work has been featured in Motor Trend Classic,

Saturdays@Crystal Cove newsletter, the Art Center Car

Classic, and many other publications and events.

or choose, Large Scale Automotive

The Bentley 4.5 Litre is a British sports car built by Bentley Motors. Its supercharged variant is also known as the Blower Bentley. Famous for his statement "there's no replacement for displacement", Walter Owen Bentley increased the displacement of the Bentley 3 Litre in 1926 to produce the 4 Litre. Upon taking control of the company, the "Bentley Boys" went in search of even more power and developed the supercharged model in 1929 at Henry Birkin's racing workshops in Welwyn Garden City. The total production of the 4-Litre between 1927 and 1931 was 720. Of these, 55 were fitted with superchargers.

The Bentley 4 Litre is notable for winning the 1928 24 Hours of Le Mans in normally aspirated form and for attaining the speed record in 1932 on the Brooklands circuit with a speed of 222.03 km/h in supercharged form.

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Size A: 13.0" x 26.7"
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