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Automotive Fine Art Limited Edition Series

The Artist is now producing large-scale automotive

fine art photography for events, offices, showrooms, retail,

institutions, homes and “Collector” Dream Garages.

Each piece of this, 50 only, limited-edition series

has been lovingly produced by the artist as an original then

hand signed and numbered. Each Giclees is produced

on the finest museum-quality paper that lasts a lifetime.

With over 30 automobiles in the collection, choose

and Barry will produce a signature art piece just for you.

Barry’s work has been featured in Motor Trend Classic,

Saturdays@Crystal Cove newsletter, the Art Center Car

Classic, and many other publications and events.

or choose, Large Scale Automotive
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Size A: 13.0" x 26.7"

The Mazda RX-792P was a racing car built for the IMSA GT Championship's GTP category for Mazda. Its career was short lived, with only two cars running in 1992 before the project was abandoned.

After Mazda's success in winning the 1991 24 Hours of Le Mans, a change in engine rules by the FIA would force Mazda to abandon their R26B 4-rotor in the World Sports car Championship.

the new car would not share much from previous effort, Mazda would use the expertise of Crawford Composites to construct their tub, while Fabcar would assist in the project. The tub would be built from carbon fiber, while the bodywork designed by Lee Dykstra would feature new sweeping lines, including a large exposed vent flowing out from the front wheel well.

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